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Fuse 2023

Meet our guest speaker for Fuse 2023!

Danny Mackay - Global Church Catalyst

@danny_mackay ‘s message inspires people to be passionate about Christ and the call to build His kingdom. Taking the gospel to some of the most unreached parts of the world is at the heart of his work.

Combining humour and depth, Danny possesses an ability to bring Scripture to life and moves listeners to a deeper love for God and a commitment to reach the world around them.

As a wild youth, he was radically saved when he met Christ at 17. While on the run in a stolen car, he stumbled upon a book that introduced him to the Savior. Since then his journey through ministry has included 7 years of camp ministry, 10 years as a worship leader in 3 countries, 3 years as a Youth Pastor of an 850 student school, 4 years as a national spokesman for World Vision, and 8 years as a global missionary with I Am Second.

Now having been called to Equip Canada, his vision is to see a generation mobilized to take the gospel where it has not been both locally and globally.

We can’t wait to hear what Danny is going to share with us at FUSE!

We invite all youth grade 7 and up to join us.

Where - Pine Lake Camp

When - Oct. 27-29, 2023

Registration Fee - $140.00

Please speak with your local ABNT Salvation Ministry if you would like to register.

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